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Owners and advisers


Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernd Dschietzig

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernd Dschietzig

CEO of Relaxera, physician, specialist of Internal Medicine

Thomas Bernd Dschietzig’s research has been focused on experimental and clinical studies on the physiology and pathophysiology of human relaxin-2. His work at Charité Hospital – in the research group of Prof. Dr. Gert Baumann and Prof. Dr. Karl Stangl – led to the discovery of the endogenous expression of relaxin in human circulation and its therapeutically beneficial role in chronic human heart failure. These studies earned him the Virchow Prize of the Charité, in 2000, and the Young Investigator Award of the European Society of Cardiology, in 2001.

Dr. Ulrich M. E. Benedum

Dr. Ulrich M. E. Benedum

CEO of Relaxera, patent attorney, PhD in biochemistry

Ulrich Benedum graduated in biochemistry at the European Molecular Biology Lab in Heidelberg. Thereafter, he became a patent attorney who has acquired long-standing experience and has successfully acted as a partner in an international patent lawyer practice handling a broad array of medicinal, biochemical, and technical cases.


Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster

co-founder of Relaxera, PhD in biochemistry

Franz Paul Armbruster is founder and CEO of Immundiagnostik AG, a lab diagnostics company long since dedicated to the relaxin field.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolf-Georg Forssmann

co-founder of Relaxera, pharmacologist

Wolf-Georg Forssmann is CEO of PHARIS Biotec GmbH and one of the most renowned peptide researchers and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ralf Jochem

co-founder of Relaxera, physician

Ralf Jochem is a specialist of Laboratory Medicine and has long since been engaged in supporting and developing innovative business concepts in medicine, lab diagnostics and other fields.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Woloszczuk

co-founder of Relaxera, biochemist

Wolfgang Woloszczuk – the former Speaker of the Board of the Austrian BIOMEDICA – is now CEO of The Antibody Lab, a company developing innovative oral antibodies.