Interview Digital Health TV 2022


Two  interviews with the Bavarian Health Management GmbH in Germany  about "Relaxin and Heart Failure" and "Relaxin and Transplantation Medicine". Prof. Andreas Grün is interviewing Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Dschietzig, CEO Relaxera. (in German language) interview 1 - Relaxin and heart failure; get the summary here. interview 2 - Relaxin and transplantation medicine; get the [...]

Presentation at European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2022 in Barcelona


First results of our cooperation with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, UPMC, were presented during the ESC congress 2022 in Barcelona by Prof. Dr. Guy Salama in the session "HFpEF and HFmrEF: what’s new in treatment" - “The therapeutic potential of relaxin for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction” You will learn about relaxin-2-[...]

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